"We have been a customer of Lawrence Direct since the late eighties. Initially they authored, produced and mailed a newsletter for us that became the "standard" of the industry. It required technical writing and a clear understanding of our industry and clients. As I look back at being in business 35 years, this newsletter is one of the top 10 great decisions that we made! The newsletter stopped after about 4 years and I can remember the accounting department breathing a sigh of relief 'cause they wouldn't have to do so many 'credit checks" for new accounts any more! More recently Lawrence Direct developed a series of mailings for a new venture in Atlanta, GA, which consisted of 4 mailings which were highly targeted and produced a lot of opportunities for new business. Lawrence Direct can develop strategy, write, produce and mail, which makes them my "easy Button"!"

Marty Anson
Bindagraphics, Inc.

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Featured Testimonial

Featured Testimonial

"LDMI has played a critical role in helping us expand our supporter base through highly- customized, targeted direct mail services. Over the course of multiple... Read more...

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