Friday, 22 April 2016 06:00 AM / by Sean Finnegan

Laptop Work-3.jpgThe entire blog is interesting but one thing that jumped out at me is how much non-profits love Social Media but still, their Social Media staffs are underfunded and understaffed. Nothing in the non-profit world is easy, and often, the easier it looks the harder it is.

“Social Media Benchmark Study’s 2012 results claimed that nonprofits only allocated 1/4 of one full-time person to social media marketing. Case Foundation’s 2014 study (two years later) found that the number had increased, if only slightly: Half of survey respondents had one full-time or part-time person doing social media. For the remaining half, one quarter used a social media team, the other quarter is ad-libbing it.”

This blog gives some good tips for developing your Social Media presence.


Also, our new ebook may help you optimize your Facebook page:


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Featured Testimonial

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