Donor Acquisition

Donor Acquistion is essential to ensuring your nonprofit stays viable and profitable

The Key to Growing Your Database

Acquiring new donors is absolutely essential for every nonprofit organization to successfully advance its cause. No matter how loyal and supportive your current donors are, they will not be your donors forever. As time goes on, and life happens, your nonprofit is bound to lose donors.

Acquisition, or prospect, mailings allow nonprofits to reach new supporters and grow their databases. LDMI’s innovative acquisition strategies and direct response services have helped nonprofit organizations effectively acquire thousands of new donors in our more than 30-year history.

We target prospects most likely to respond to your nonprofit’s mission, with packages tested to acquire new donors at low cost. We test, and re-test, packages and mailing strategies to develop proven winners that consistently bring in large numbers of new donors. And once we acquire those new donors, we’ll work with you to sustain and increase their level of giving for years to come.

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Case Study

Donor Acquisition is the lifeblood of your nonprofit...

It remains a bedrock of all nonprofit fundraising. Although it may appear daunting, LDMI makes the process simple and effective.

Check out our Case Study focuses on Growing Your Donor Database. In it, we analyze our House and Prospect Mailings over the course of 9 months for a new Nonprofit. In it, you'll learn:

  • how to balance house and prospect files
  • effective scheduling strategies
  • how to position your next newsletter

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“ICMC began work with LDMI at my urging when I served as ICMC President. Despite being Papally founded, ICMC had no donor recognition or revenue in the United States. Over the next six years LDMI built us a database of over 30,000 donors and raised over $3 million dollars in net income after all costs! LDMI proved to be highly professional, highly ethical, and always attentive to our needs. They earned my fullest recommendation.”

John Klink, former President — ICMC, Inc.

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