The “Heavyweight Champ” of Direct Response

Direct mail remains alive and well in today’s multi-channel world. We call direct mail the “heavyweight champ” of direct response. For the vast majority of nonprofits, direct mail is still the primary channel for fundraising and donor involvement.

With more than 30 years in the direct mail industry, LDMI has the history and experience to determine what works and what will make your nonprofit’s fundraising program the most successful. Our experienced copywriters and designers create donor-focused direct mail packages that tell your story, raise net income and win hearts and minds for your mission.


LDMI will help you establish a mail plan and strategy, develop innovative package designs and compelling copy, produce your mailings at the highest quality and most competitive cost, and thoroughly analyze the results to make sure you’re getting the most from your fundraising program.


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Case Study

Direct mail is over seven times more effective than all digital channels combined…

It remains a bedrock of all nonprofit fundraising. Although it may appear daunting, LDMI makes the process simple and effective.

Check out our Case Study focuses on Growing Your Donor Database. In it, we analyze our House and Prospect Mailings over the course of 9 months for a new Non-Profit. In it you’ll learn:

  • how to balance house and prospect files
  • effective scheduling strategies
  • how to position your next newsletter

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“Jim and his team at Lawrence Direct Marketing Inc. have been working with me at Sudan Relief Fund for a decade now. In that time they have grown our database from around 10,000 donors to over 100,000. They have also raised us over $26,000,000 in net income, after all costs!”

Neil Corkery, the president of SRF