Prioritizing Lapsed & Non-Donor Records

Challenge – Major Catholic Diocese had large database of non-donors and lapsed donors but not the budget to solicit them all.

Solution – LDMI worked with diocese to join a cooperative database, establish target criteria, and optimize segments of both lapsed donors and non-donors.

LDMI services used – Strategy, Database Segmentation, List Brokering, Back-End Data Analytics.

Outcome – The diocese reactivated 1,915 lapsed donors with an average gift of $263 for a total of $504,000 gross donations received. The diocese received 1,288 donations from non-donors at an average gift of $253 for a total of $326,191 in gross donations. Cumulatively the two groups contributed over $826,000 and these records might never have been mailed were it not for the data segmentation and coop database services provided.

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