shutterstock_121028362-1.jpgImagine being a donor in the process of giving to a non-profit. A potential donor sees an ad for your organization, be that tv, radio, internet banners, Facebook ads, something momentary, then they receive a direct mail package from you, and they are intrigued. But they haven’t heard much about your organization, and are therefore wary of giving their personal info to an organization they know almost nothing about. How do you, as a non-profit organization, get a new donor to trust you?

A dedicated landing page is a great way to put your new potential donor at ease about giving their personal information and hard-earned money to you. (Click here for some quick tips on landing page design)

LDMI ran a test over several months with one non-profit client to examine dedicated landing pages in an e-mail ask vs. a direct donate button in the e-mail. In each case, regardless of the content, the e-mail with a dedicated landing page out-performed the e-mail that linked directly to a donation page. Click here to see the full Case Study: Landing Page versus Direct to Donate.

The landing page provides another opportunity for the potential donor to learn about your organization, and decide whether your organization is one that they want to align with. The landing page validates your organization to the potential donor.

Your donors are not impulsive; rather, they are intelligent people who give to your cause because they believe in it. They give because they are attracted to the work you do. If they give to a famine relief project it is because they are drawn to that type of work. Knowing this, you shouldn’t hide your famine relief work, but rather, let your supporters know exactly what you are doing.

Another reason why a landing page is so important is because an e-mail is not enough to draw in a new donor. E-mails, by necessity, are short and to the point. If a potential donor clicks a link in an e-mail, it is more likely because they want to learn more before they are prepared to give.

Having a landing page provides you with an important opportunity. On that landing page, you can provide a short video from someone working with the individuals your organization supports, or pictures of the work are doing and the people you are helping. You can, and should, give details about why the work is important, and how donations are used.

This concept is true for Direct Mail packages as well. Sending a direct mail donor to a dedicated landing page will convert more donors then sending them directly to a donation page.

Do not shy away from the opportunity to help your potential donor commit to your project. Move and inspire them by adding a landing page as a part of your Direct Response campaign.

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