video.jpgOnline video is a great way to attract new supporters to your cause. They can be daunting, primarily because of price, for smaller non-profits, but are well worth the price. Video can engage an audience in ways that copy simply cannot. The viewer can get to know you, or the people you help, or the people who work for your organization, and create greater awareness and trust for you and your cause.

Also, video is incredibly versitile, too. It can be used as a direct mail solution in both your prospecting and house mailings, it can be used as an online fundraising tool, can be posted on your website, facebook, and linked to on your twitter. If you are working with a professional production company they can store and repackage the raw footage for different formats and venues for years to come. This is something we’ve done at LDMI for years, and with great results for our clients.

Here’s a nice list of tips to improve your video quality: I’d also add one more – higher a professional. The ease of access to top-notch equipment and software entices many a non-profit to let the college intern, who loves video, do the video. Unfortunately, the video then looks like it was done by the college intern with no bkacground in video.

Also, if you’d like a few reminders for your Facebook page, take a look at our free ebook on Facebook optimization.