video.pngVideos are a great way for non-profots to engage donors. Videos bring the viewer to a new place and places them in a new environment. Once there, they are more compelled to interact with that environment in some way. For many non-profits, this means learning more about the organization, or donating, or telling others about the important work. These are all important for non-profits. Videos have a huge effect the important consideration factor in the buying or donation process.


Video can be daunting for a non-profit, but they are a great way to tell the story you want told, inspire your current donors, and find new ones. Videos can be made directly for online viewing or delivered via direct mail. LDMI has done alot of videos for our non-profit clients, and all have proven successful. It really is a direct mail solution for any non-profit whether they are struggling or not because it brings your story directly to your supporter. I think generally these fundraising videos, not alone bring in donations, but are great at finding new donors, increasing awareness about your cause, and compelling you existing supportrers to act.


Here’s a good blog that highlights some important stats.